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Our team at Cambrian Management, Ltd. has drilled and completed numerous disposal wells since 2011 throughout the Permian Basin. In Texas we have drilled, completed or recompleted over 11 SWD wells ranging from 5,200′-13,800′. We have drilled, reentered and completed over 5 SWD’s in New Mexico ranging from 9,200′-16,000.

Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Services

We have provided remediation services on over 20 SWD wells that have failed H-5 tests. Failures are typically caused by tubing, packer, casing and liner hanger leaks, and we are experts at locating and fixing these problems.

Cambrian also provides SWD injection rate analysis for permitting.

We also operate over 20 commercial and private SWD facilities for our clients.

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Our experienced team at Cambrian Management, LTD. is standing by to answer any questions regarding our salt water disposal services.

Any or all of these services can be combined to provide your company with the outsourcing you need.

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